Margarita’s Gourmet Flour Tortillas (aka Margarita’s Tortilla Factory) is a manufacturing company producing organic flour tortillas, non-gmo corn tortillas and handmade tamales with the authentic homemade taste!

Margarita’s tortillas are manufactured under strict quality guidelines to preserve the taste and texture of this historic food. Currently, no authentic tortilla exists in the commercial market. All commercial tortillas have preservatives and other ingredients that alter the taste of a tortilla. Margarita’s tortillas are minimally processed and its ingredients adhere to the traditional five-ingredient recipe: flour, water, some type of oil (canola), baking powder and salt.

Making tortillas is a craft. It is something that is passed on from family to family and from mother to daughter. Margarita learned to make tortillas from her mom, Micaela, who started teaching her when she was seven years old. Margarita learned that there were many factors influencing the making of authentic homemade tortillas: the right ingredients, the perfect mixture of these ingredients, temperature, timing and a lot of practice. She also learned that you can give five people the same recipe, but no two persons will have the same results.

Margarita’s Gourmet Flour Tortillas come in different variety flavors and sizes. Tortillas come in organic wheat flour and in organic spelt flour. And in the following flavors: Spinach-Onion, Tomato-Garlic, Spicy Jalapeño, White, Whole Wheat, Raw White Tortilla, and Organic Spelt.

They come in three sizes: 7 in., 10 in., and 12 in. All flavored tortillas are made with fresh vegetables, not powders or coloring.

Because we adhere to the traditional way of making tortillas, Margarita’s Gourmet Flour Tortillas are truly authentic and gourmet!